2nd Recyled Coop need thoughts

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  1. Yeah some ideas for this would help. My idea tank ran out on the Armoire coop. This will house about 7 large grown hens that lay and a Roo. Four Jersey Giants, Two Barred Rocks, One Red Star Hen, One Buff Orp Roo. Again a recycled type coop lol.

    Yes, the roof is an old cover for a Ford Ranger. My brother says to paint it yellow and make it look like a school bus with cutouts of people looking out of the windows. [​IMG] Don't mind the chain link or small plastic tub they aren't part of it lol.


    Their fence is already completed in the garden which is 40x70. Unfortunately the fence wasn't recycled. [​IMG]
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    what kind of ideas are you looking for? I like the school bus thing, that sounds like it'd be cool. I'm not much for making stuff look pretty, so could u elaborate? BTW, great coop plan! I love recycled stuff!
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    Will it get too hot in the summer? Might be good to add some windows that open.
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    How about some nesting boxes that open from the outside?
  5. I've got a door for it now. Haha it is a truck top the whole back window can open lol. I was looking for ideas on how to make it more presentable. As it is it is only four 4x4's in the ground with a camper on top with some plywood that doesn't make it to the ground. No chickens are in it yet.

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  6. I would take the paneling and move it down to the bottom, so that predators couldn't get to the birds. Then I would put wire mesh over the gap between the top of the paneling and the bottom of the camper top. This way they are protected from stray dogs and what not, and are afforded good ventilation.

    As for asthetics, I'm blank. Depends on whether you are looking for traditional style, or progressive style.
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    PouletsdeCajun's suggestion (move the panelling down, add wire all around above it for ventilation) is good - attach flaps that hinge at the top and can be propped open to keep rain from going in.

    If you *don't* do that, and have the truck cap sitting right on the solid wall as it is right now, I would strongly suggest flashing it (z-flashing, that goes inside the lower part of the cap, horizontal atop the siding, then vertically down the outside of the siding for six inches or so. Otherwise rain will run in there and get the coop damp and rot the tops of your walls. And if you elave it this way I would WAY second the suggestion for more ventilation (big wire-covered flap-closed openings cut in at least two sides) - opening the back door of the truck cap won't be enough.

    How are you going to predatorproof that back door of the truck cap?

    Honestly, I don't see anything aesthetically wrong with it as it is... looks nice to me, although certainly a little different from most coops [​IMG] Depending on your politics, you could paint it like a kaleidoscopic 'hippie van' from the '60s if you didn't want to do school bus but wanted more than just a coat of plain white [​IMG]

    Have fun,

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    I love the idea of painting it yellow and do some black lines. The school bus thing sounds GREAT!

    (Way to go on recycling... I couldn't bring myself to buy new either.)
  9. There isn't much predator proofing that needs to be done as wild animals are rare. There are a few hawk birds but, they are smaller type and couldn't carry away the larger chickens that would be in here and the blackbirds attack them when they get close. Mostly just a few rabbits, a couple of deer. The last time I've seen a raccoon in the area was probably 1991 or so. Since it sits in a large pen dogs can't get to it. (most common predator here).

    The wood siding is actually exterior house siding and is very thick and heavy. It has a lifetime of 25-30 yrs so I don't think it will rot soon. Some homes have it up unfinished to get that natural aged wood look.

    It isn't finished yet. I was just trying to get ideas of how to proceed.

    Common Predators Here: Large Field Rats (I put up my feed every night so they stay away)
    Dogs (Most common predator here-Fence)
    2 Cats (only dangerous to chicks, kill rats)
    Small Hawks (too small to mess with these large chickens)
    Nests of blackbirds that attack these hawks.
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    No possums???


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