3 Bantam Flocks in Texas


Jun 3, 2018
South of DFW, TX
I posted this in the Texas thread, but thought I’d post it here as well. I have 3 bantam flocks that need to go to new homes. We have to move to Utah in January for a job, and we won’t have a house yet, so we can’t take the chickens. We currently live south of Dallas.

The chickens have all been well cared for and have lived in large runs. They need to go in their flocks. Here’s what I have:

Flock #1:

1 white silkie rooster (very nice and great with his hens)
3 black silkie hens
1 white silkie hen
3 bantam cochin hens
All great layers
Great fertility rate. I hatched 7 of 7 eggs last spring in an incubator.
Comes with large Snap-Lock coop, feeders, and waterer

Flock #2:

2 bantam cochin x silkie mix cockerels (very nice, haven’t had any fighting)
1 black silkie rooster (very nice, the one in charge, haven’t had any fighting)
3 black silkie pullets
1 bantam cochin x silkie mix pullet
All great layers
All hatched last March
Comes with Tractor-Supply-style coop, feeder, and waterer

Flock #3
3 Serama hens
1 Bantam Old English hen
1 Japanese Bantam hen
Comes with feeder, water, and large Snap-Lock coop (but coop does have some holes in it, so will need to be in a run)
These are very small ladies, about the size of Cardinals.

I love them, but they have to go before we leave Texas.

Please let me know if you’d like 1, 2, or all 3 flocks. I really want them to go to a good home. I can send additional photos, too, of anything you want to see.

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