3 chickens before, 1 remains; how to add more?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sassybuddies, May 13, 2011.

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    May 13, 2011
    I had a beautiful flock of three but yesterday my neighbor's dog killed 2 of them. We are beyond distraught & worried our remaining buff orpington will be lonely. She grew up from chicks with the other 2 (a Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock ).

    Do I need to add chicks or can I add laying hens? Would like to get 2 of the same breeds but have heard RIR's can be mean to chickens they weren't raised with. I have a divided yard & a chicken tractor so I thought it would be best to place the 2 or 3 new ones in the tractor for a few weeks then supervise all of them at an introduction.

    I truly appreciate any advice because I've only had these chickens for a few weeks and am not an expert by any means!

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    So sorry you lost the two.

    Your best bet bet is to find one or three or more roughly the same age and the same color. They do not have to be B/Os but it would be better they were the same general shade of color especially if you introduce more than one. As with people, 3 is not really a good number as one will always be the oddball. Four is a much better number as the group will pair up and form alliances. They will flip flop back and fourth with their paring and rank, but one will not constantly be the oddball with a group of four or more, unless it is a contrasting color.

    It would be best to introduce your new friend or friends at night after you have moved the chicken tractor. That way they all wake up in a new place and situation.
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