3 Chicks have hatched What about the rest of the eggs?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by nannygoat, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Jan 20, 2009
    Mamma Hen has 3 baby chicks that have hatched the last 2 1/2 days. She has 8 more eggs that might take a few more days each or even a week. The oldest chick has been out of the nest 2 times, the first time he almost died of cold and the second time he landed on the floor below the nesting box. I have made a secure cage around her nesting box which is 2 feet off the ground and down to the floor underneath the nesting box and put in a heat lamp and food/water.
    My questions are...Should i put mamma on the floor in a new nest box and hope she sits on her eggs if i move them to the floor or just forget about the eggs she is sitting on if she decides to jump down to the floor level?
    I hate to see the rest of the eggs not hatch but I know she has to look after her 3 chicks who will soon be on the ground.
    Or should i remove the 3 chicks that have hatched and keep them seperated so she can finish sitting on her eggs?

    I need some advice thank you.

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    The only choice you have to get the other chicks to hatch is to take the babies inside and brood them yourself. It is to cold for them in the coop at this time of the year even with a lamp. You could let mom take care of the babies and try to finish hatching the eggs yourself. A lamp and a plastic box that can be covered will do it. Some have sued an electric skillet. Line it with shavings. Put a small dish of water in there and leave a bit of a gap on the lid so there is air and set the thermostat at the lowest setting. I have only read about this method. I have taken a lamp with the reflector and placed it over a plastic shoe box and placed the eggs on a damp cloth and have had success in finishing duck eggs.

    When you have a hen go broody, it is best to take all the eggs from under her and keep them until you have enough then give them back to her all at once so you don't have staggered hatches. She will get off the eggs most likely around three days and take care of the babies or she will leave the babies to fend for themselves. Often the other hens will lay under a broody. You need to mark the eggs she is setting on and take the others to avoid the problem you are facing. The hen will lay eggs for several days or weeks and leave the each day until she has a clutch. She know what to do it us that mess up the process.

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