3-day-old chick, eyes shut, won't eat

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6 Years
Sep 14, 2013

We hatched seven chicks over the weekend. They were all doing fine, but one of them is fading. I syringe fed her sugar water and some electrolyte water yesterday and she has perked up quite a bit. She will now drink on her own and instead of lying down she is standing. However, she won't eat. She will peck at food but doesn't actually eat any. I've tried crumbled egg yolk with and without yogurt, softened mash, smaller crumbles, egg white, and shredded cheese (read it in another post). She mostly just stands in her broody box (has her own box now within the overall brooder) and has her eyes closed and sways. When I am holding her to encourage drinking, she will take a sip, swallow and close her eyes like she is going to pass out. Then she will open them and take another sip.

She is a wobbly walker, but doesn't seem to have slayed legs. She does have just one curly toe. I was thinking of making her a shoe, but I'm afraid it will dissuade her from moving even further.

Not feeling hopeful, but hoping to get some new ideas, or at least learn from your experience. thanks!

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