3 days to go!


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Jun 13, 2013

3 days to go until we head to St.Andrews to pick up our very small flock of 3 hens. I was nearly ready for them too, until a heavy rain fall broke my overhead joints on the run that was holding up the netting AND the tarpaulin that I was using to shelter myself from any rain, while I finished building the coop. The rain poured down I beveled the tarpaulin putting to much wait on the joints.

That is why my first words to this bog was Ahhhhhhh!

Heah never mind, could be much worse. I will have it done and ready for the 3 girls, they will have a cosy, happy home. We will take some pictures and upload them for all to see.

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Extra supports and a good angle will help with the rain. You might want to make more room soon...the addiction is coming...
Lol, Thanks for the tip. We are staring small, but only have room for another 2. We'll see. Picking up our 3 girls at 2pm. Thought we'd make a day of it and head off at 09.30 - 10am. Our two young daughters are very excited.
Wait until your girls beat you to the coop to open it up in the morning. Kids love chickens and it is great watching them interact. My 4 yr old helps me with everything except cleaning the coop. I let him collect eggs, refill feed and water, open and shut the coop, and hold the girls so I can check them every day. It is priceless to watch!

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