3 different thermometers, 3 different temps

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  1. So I always used the cheapo glass one that came with my hovabator for my reptile eggs, and have always gotten good hatches over the yrs. Sinc I havent used the hb in a couple years, I decided to check the accuracy of the unit with my digital thermometer with probe. It was 2 degrees off from the glass one, no big deal just split the differnce. Well I went to get a hygrometer to moniter humidity, and got a digital one that has a thrmo also, figured it couldnt hurt. Now I have 3 different readings, lowest temp from brand new thrmo at 98.7, mid temp from glass thrmo at 100, high temp from probe at 101.4-7. I even put all three right next to each other just to see, and same thing.

    The glass one has no batt, the combo has new batt, and the probe is probably1.5 yrs old. Do you think the battery is the difference? Am I close enough, the average temp being 100 +/- 1? the eggs have already been in for a day, so I guess its too late to woory now.
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    That is so frustrating! I remember going absolutely insane over a similar thermometer discrepancy, when I was hatching for the first time this spring. I think +/- 1 degree is actually within the margin of error for most thermometers (even for some of the scientific ones I looked at in a lab supply catalogue). Averaging is probably fine. If you want to be cautious, go with the high reading and turn the incubator down a degree, it shouldn't hurt, just slow the hatch down.

    All in all I ended up with an early hatch, so I was probably lucky that I decided to lower the temp a few days in.
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    I have 4 thermometers and all with different readings albeit within 1.5 degree of each other. My work thermometer ( medical supply) is reading at 99.3F inside the water weasel, and the others are reading between 100.2-100.9F

    Humidity at 50%...im all set~!
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    Dear aran and other Chicken Friends -

    You know what?! I'm having the same problem. When I add more water to get my humidity up to 50-60%, the ambient temp on my regular thermometer reads as much as 101.4 and the water weasel one sometimes lowers at 98.8... When it is drier in the incubator the water weasel seems to read a constant 99.5... Do you think I should turn my thermostat down or up?!!!

    My husband thinks all this fretting is silly. Certainly the chicken isn't this scientific and she gets results! We're all a bunch of mother hens, aren't we?!

    Hey, aran, I tried to look up Napalongtails and couldn't find her/his post - where do you get these eggs?

    Ann and Jill
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    temps will always drop when you add water. Wait about 4 hours and then see where the temps are. You want to maintain 99-99.5 on the water weasel. The air temp will fluctuate quicker so don't fret over that.

    If you are using a Hova or little giant (styrofoam type) make sure both red plugs are in the holes in the top. Humidity will maintain better that way. I would be willing to bet the humidity in your house is low.
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    Hello and thanks for your reply.

    I actually put our incubator in the finished basement where I supposed I would not have huge fluctuations in humidity and temperature. It stays 60-65 degrees down there. I figured I'd move the incubator upstairs the last few days to help increase my humidity, but maybe I shouldn't?

    Also, I only have one red plug on this borrowed incubator. I thought the other hole was a vent for the thermostat or something since it has a little metal piece with a hole in it under it. Maybe I should be plugging this up?

    I have not been totally filling the wells with water since when I did that I got condensation on the windows. Should I be? I've been electing to add water whenever I get to around 50% or below. Right now it's 57% and 100.0 on the water wiggler.

    Thanks, Ann
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    60 to 65 degrees is about the coldest room temp a hova will compensate for. They have a really small heat element in them.

    Normally you only need to use 1 of the water wells to maintain 50% unless it is REALLY dry. Use two and it should come up to about 70% or so. Which is what you want for the last 3 days.
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    i had gone to wal-mart purchased all the $6.95 thermometers and humidifers they had brought them home set them up and got 4 that read the same so those are the ones I use now.
    then i got the idea to get a thermometer you use to take your temp with the old mercury ones and tried that but if you remember you needed to shack them down they only read a high.
    so I tried the new digital one we had it went up to i think 102 then stopped.
    well i looked on e-bay got me one that they use in a lab that does to 120 and down to -10 for under $10,00 with shipping.
    now i have to get some of the thermometerss to match that one at wal-mart.
    nowto get the humidifers to match.....
    I got two at cutler supplies and both are different.
    told them and they sent me two better ones which they said is more accurate they were and I am using them tis batch but still neiter are the same reading.
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    I am maintaining 99.7 in the water wiggler. The humidty is moving between 55 and 65%. It is very humid here and that is without any water source in the bator today. Did I say it was hot and humid here? It is! I am not worrying over the air temps. I have 3 thermometers in there and they are within 2 degrees of one another.
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    What ain't broke don't try to fix. The old glass one worked, stick with it. Keep the other two for when the glass one breakers, then pick one and keep the third one for when the one you just picked breaks. When that one breaks buy a (1) new one. By the time that one breaks you will be my age. Grey hair and all, maybe more with all that worrying.

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