3 Eggs in one day from first time layer?!?

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    So I went out to get Gertrude's egg this morning and found that my husband had already gotten it. But I did find a new color egg. It was lighter than Gertrude's normal one so I assume it was Greta's first egg. She put it in the nest like a good girl but while looking in the coop I discovered two more eggs. They were soft and on the floor where they normally pooh at night under the roost.

    So my question is.... did Greta lay two soft eggs on the roost (one of them was broken open) before laying her good egg in the nest? Or did Daisy and Penny also lay this morning for the first time? Or perhaps Daisy laid the two soft ones and Penny is still holding out?

    Basically I have 4 girls. Until yesterday only Gertrude was laying. Her eggs are a darker mocha color. We had a total of 4 eggs this morning.

    One was the normal (in the nest) one so I'm assuming it was Gertrude's.

    Then a small lighter mocha colored one (found later in the nest).

    And two soft one (one was opened not much there) laying in the coop under the roost.

    The whole one was a light mocha but the one that was broken I couldn't tell what color it was. Greta was coming out of the nest so she knows where to lay. She's been going in and out of there all week.

    So why were there two soft ones in the coop? Did those just sort of fall out of Greta before she could get to the nest and lay her good one? They are on Organic layer feed and they free range. Gertrude's eggs are so hard I have to hit them on the counter twice to crack them so I know they are getting all the calcium they need.

    The thing is Penny (spangled hamburg) will lay white eggs. So I'm not sure if the broken one was white or not? It was too....watery? It was very soft and I didn't really notice that much of a yoke unless they ate it before I could get to it. But I doubt it because the other whole one was laying right next to it.

    So what do I do? They all seem fine. Do I had 4 girls laying now? Or just two? Daisy didn't seem ready yet. Greta has been acting ready all week (she keeps squatting wanting petting). Daisy doesn't want to be bothered. She will squat if you are fast enough to catch her.
    I should add that they are all the same age at 28 weeks.
    Gertrude (golden buff) who started laying two weeks ago
    Greta (barred plymouth rock)
    Daisy (Columbian wyandotte)
    Penny (silver spangled hamburg)
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    Feb 25, 2014
    You definitely have 4 laying hens here! Lucky!
    A hen is not capable of laying 2 eggs on one day so you must have 4 hens laying,
    Hope this has helped,
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    I have a Molted Houdon in a coop with a rooster and just last
    week I several times went out and had two egg's in one day
    so it is possible but in over 40 years of raisins chickens I can
    tell you it is not common but the other problem is she just
    started producing egg's the end of January and all but two
    of her egg's are in the incubator as they were cracked so
    I did not waste my time trying to do so .......
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    The thing is I know now for sure I only have three laying hens and one just laid her first egg yesterday. So perhaps one of my birds laid those two soft eggs Sunday. So could it be possible that the one who just started yesterday laid the two soft eggs and skipped Monday?

    I'm thinking Greta laid the two soft eggs sometime during the night then laid her good one that morning?
    Or Daisy laid the two soft eggs then skipped Monday?

    I know that Penny hasn't laid any yet.

    I also have another question about laying times. Will they always lay at the same time everyday?

    Sunday I found that egg (that I believer was from Greta) at like 11:am but Monday she laid at like almost 1:pm and yesterday she didn't lay till like 5:pm and today she hasn't laid yet. Why did she lay so early on Sunday but then lay so late the rest of this week? Yesterday she was in the tractor so maybe she held it till she could get back in the coop in the nesting box?

    Also (I guess I have two more questions) could it be possible for Daisy to lay my biggest egg I've gotten from any of them on her first egg yet today's egg was the smallest egg.

    I'm may need a chicken cam [​IMG]

    Thanks for the info :)
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    Couture Family Out Of The Brooder

    Also, how likely is it that two different chickens would have laid two soft eggs on the same night in the coop under the roost as if they laid them while they were sleeping, especially since the only time they are in the coop is when they go in the nest or at night when they are sleeping. The rest of the day they are either in their tractor, their run, or in the yard free ranging.

    Please forgive all my questions this is my first time with chickens.
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