3 good eggs then 3 soft eggs


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Oct 21, 2013
This is my first time having chickens. Of my 13 ladies 3 have started laying. One of them, an EE, started laying last tues. and gave me 3 green eggs ( she is 20wks old). They were small eggs but otherwise perfect. She then laid 2 eggs that had a white, a yolk, and a membrane but no shell. Today she laid an egg that had a very thin shell, almost non-exsistant but I know it was hers because it was green just like her others. My other concern is that she had been laying in the nest box but the 3 soft eggs she dropped from the roost. I'm hoping this is just caused by her system "figuring things out". BTW the other 2 that are laying ( a rir, and a bpr) are laying an egg a day for the past 6 days which have nice solid shells.
After checking this am for replies i realized I never really asked a question. Is the situation I described above reason for concern or is this somewhat common among brand new layers? Thanks.
Yes, it is common to get a few 'soft shell' eggs with a new layer.....it can take a month or so for them to get the hang of things and their bodies to get everything in sync.

As long as she seems healthy otherwise...eating, drinking, pooping, active...just be patient.
thanks aart, that was what I kinda thought from reading other threads here, i guess I just needed the reassurance. thanks for making a newbie a little less anxious.

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