3 month old... Crusty feathering?


10 Years
Feb 27, 2014
Roseburg oregon
I'm a new chicken mommy and my babies are 3 months old. They all look great except one. She is smaller than the others and has not feathered out well at all. Her feathers look crusty at the skin. Otherwise eating great and active and I haven't seen her picked on. Here is a picture
Watery eyes or nostrils, and/or discharge of mucus from the mouth resulting in feathers being crusty at the skin can be due to preening or tucking her head under herself or under her wing when she sleeps at night. The cause could be environmental, fungal, or the onset of a respiratory disease.
No discharge that I can see. She seems to be starting to become a loner. Still eating and drinking, but definitely doesn't come running for snacks like the others do.

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