3 month old dead. Now one dying..no clue

breathing normal. Eyes etc look fine. not limping. I can't find a thing wrong with her. just wants to sleep. I use an eye dropper to get water in her. she barely wakes up. Been like this since noon or before this is poop. I'm not sure if it's hers but it's like alot of the droppings left in coop.
Foamy poops like that can be worms sometimes. I'd say you should worm them with Wazine 17, then rinse out the waterer and fill it with fresh water (plain) for day 2, wait ten days with plain fresh water, then worm them again. Then on the final day rinse out the wormer and put in fresh plain water and see what happens.

Make sure there are no pots/pans/puddles collecting nasty water and sitting in the sun. My chickens travel to the farthest part of the yard to drink the nasty water collecting under the plants. (It also attracts mosquitoes)

Good luck~
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