3 month old Silkie in Raleigh, NC

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    Oct 12, 2012
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    I have a 3 month old (hatched on April 23rd, 2014) silkie who is not sexed yet. It needs a new home either as a single pet or as a part of an ALL SILKIE flock. The reason? This chick is extremely docile and too nice to be with other chickens. It was attacked and scalped by other chicks her same age. I rehomed all the chicks, nursed the silkie back to health, integrated it into my flock. Everything seemed to be going great, but then the poor chick was scalped AGAIN. I'm nursing it back to health one more time, but I can't keep it with my flock anymore. A real shame, because this is a very sweet baby.

    Here's the full story:


    The chick is NOT SEXED yet. It is still too young. It's recovering very well (same treatment: nutri drench, neosporin and lots of TLC). The wound has formed a scab so hopefully it will fall off in the next few weeks.

    I'm in Raleigh.


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