3 poorly hens and one randomly dead Cockerel


7 Years
Jul 10, 2013
Sheffield UK
I don't know I they all link together but my hens was fine about 3 weeks ago, then I bought 3 perfectly healthy and expensive hens, ever since then my babies are getting Ill, it might just be a coincidence because none of the hens are showing the same signs. To start with, my 9 month old hens foot swelled up, and she was lame, I left it a couple Of days and she's fine now, still little swelling on her feet. Then I found my big man randomly dead one morning, he was 10 months old. The same day I realised one of my new hens was away from the flock and stayed in the shed, no food and just drinking water, the typical poorly bird look, I picked her up and she feels light and her breast bone is very...ew? As I tipped her upside down water came out her mouth...I put her back and put this medication stuff in the water and syringed some down her, and yogurt, after that she perked up and started eating a little, but still not right? I'll find out the stuff I put in the water... THEN my other 9month old hen has a blocked up nose, like actual snot, and she makes like a weezing noise when she breaths, like a cold or something, I wiped her nose and it was runny, but she's not been off colour, she's still eating and drinking? What is happening to my babies? I'm guessing it could be a coincidence, but I have a bad feeling about the 3 new hens, it might not be them, they was from a very good and clean breeder, I just don't understand, any advise will be helpful?
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It is likely these hens had ,or were kept with birds that had, mycoplasma or a similar respiratory and they were then treated with antibiotics to clear it up. They would then be carriers and pass it on to any other birds they come into contact with. Give your hens antibiotics, Tylan or whatever is available. A dose of ACV and some garlic will also help them liven up.

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