3 Rescue chickens from farm. Wondering what kind of chickens they are?


Feb 24, 2015
My friend rescued these pullets from a farm in Ohio. They were free ranged chickens, but didnt have any shelter for the winter. I'm a first time chicken owner this year with 5 hens. With these three I have 8 total. I included two group pictures and a picture each of the three chickens. Any information on the breed/sex of the chickens so I can research them would be helpful. The last picture is my run which is 15x7. I bought a dog house from Craigslist for the new chickens, and placed a fence to separate the new chickens from my much bigger hens. My 5 hens have a 8x8 coop built into my lean to. Love the site and couldn't of raised the chickens without everyones advice from the website.

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Thank you for the information. Could you let me know which one might be the EE cockerel?

Left to right--female, female, male.

they're all mixed breed birds. The brown bird in the middle may lay blue or green eggs, if so call her an Easter egger.

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