3 Silver polishes picking there own back feathers, I have 35 others not doing it!


6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
My silvers are 5weeks old, along with the 35 others, and they are picking there own back feathers out from there back all the way to the top of the vent, no where else. Any one?
there is a product that works well for me for pecking. it stopped my birds right away. its a lotion called Rooster Booster Peck no More.it also treats inflamed tissue. they hate the smell so much that they stop pecking. its purple and covers blood too. this little product really world well. its got natural tea tree oil to help heal the inflamed area. I use it any time I want them to stop pecking on something or someone. it works like a charm! it's only around 8 dollars at the freed store. you generously put the lotion on the area and they hate the smell and stop pecking after one whiff. you might want to give it a try. its really worked great for me. hope this is helpful. best of luck. I think it will really help you.

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