3 Week Chick Pictures


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
Someone else on BYC started a thread of 8 Week chicks. (Sorry - Can't remember the name). I thought it was a brilliant idea. As a newbie myself I am always wondering what my chicks will look like in the coming weeks. And I had a hard time finding pictures in a central location. So thought I would start several threads bringing us up to 8 weeks.

Please add your own pics of your chicks at these ages. And please put in breed so all us newbies can get an idea of what our babies will look like

Here are mine at 3 weeks

Blue/Black English Orpington

Splash English Orpington

Black Australorp

Barred Rock

Gold Sex Link Pullet
That's Maybelline! She's the top fly-er! They are getting too big for their "rubbermaid" home, will probably move them to the coop at least during the day this weekend.

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