3 week old chick with broken/splayed leg


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Apr 14, 2014
My sister's fiance's father runs a chicken farm, and today she brought over this chick with a broken leg. It looks like its broken at the hip. We taped it, and we have her secluded with food and water right next to her. Not sure what else I can do. The father was going to cull her, and we cant let that happen :( Is there anything else I should be doing? The chick is about 3 weeks old, and has the leg has been broken for about a week. She is in a brooder with paper towels as bedding.
I went ahead and retaped the leg today. its not reaching back as far. But its still pretty bad. I feel so bad for this poor baby! Is there anything else I can do, does anyone have any advice?
Thank you Sarevan!

unfortunatly I am starting to lose hope. The chick is strong, but still no luck on the leg at all. eating and drinking is great, We tried the chicken sling, and she kept freaking out. I made a splint with a popsicle stick for her leg to keep it straight, and taped it all around. She still tries to move it back behind her. Also, I am afraid it may be dislocated at the hip. There is an awful grinding feeling when I am holding her and she tries to move it in the hip area. Does anyone else have any more ideas? I really want this baby to pull through!!!

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