3 week old Cochin needs help.

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    So I have a 3 week old Cochin, bought it at a feed store when it was about a week old. It was never terribly active but never showed any symptoms of illness and I was just assuming it was because they are a more docile breed...or so I am told. Today it is mostly sitting feathers ruffled, one eye goop and mostly shut. Does not appear to behaving respiratory issues at this time, no heavy breathing no runny nose have moved it to another container by itself.Have not seen any dropping yet since secluding it. Doesn't seem interested in eating or drinking. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.....we do not have a poultry vet in the area

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    I would rinse it's eye out with saline and remove any gunk. Then try to get it drinking by offering water with electrolytes and vitamins. Dip it's beak for a second, letting it swallow, and repeat. Add a lot of water to a small bowl of chick crumbles and a little raw egg yolk to get it to eat. Is it having runny droppings?

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