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    Jul 1, 2007
    My little incubator is positively bubbling with excitement! 100 Bob White Quail eggs were put in a few weeks ago and as of yesterday, they're starting to hatch! So far, 30 or so have hatched.

    Boy, those things sure chip out of the egg fast! Once they get started, it's not long and they're practically jumping out of the shell! They're so cute!

    What's so interesting about this hatch is that they're not due to start hatching until tomorrow. So I suppose they must have started the incubation process in transit (I ordered them from game bird farm online). I've got a few of my chicken eggs in the incubator as well and they're hatching right on time, so I feel like the temps and everything are good. Just an interesting quirk, I guess.

    Anyhooo, just thought I'd share.

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