30 Jumbo Coturnix quail hatching eggs, 10-16ounce birds


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11 Years
Aug 13, 2008
Up for auction is exactly 30 jumbo brown coturnix quail hatching eggs. 30 eggs is all you will get, no extras! I accept paypal and checks. Shipping is fixed at 10.00, but local pickup is also good; as I live in Battle Creek MI. I am always breeding my coturnix striving to improve size and vigor. These are very calm quail that will provide eggs, meat, pets, or for training dogs. I have shipped out hundreds of egg orders on ebay and eggbid and I have had really good results, but I am not responsible for a poor hatch rate do to the post office or your own incubation faults.
thanks, Dan

if you have questions or want to buy these as I have multiple lots available then just e-mail me at [email protected]

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