30 second video of ill chicken : what does this look like to you?


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The other morning one of five 5 month old easter eggers was dead in the coop. She had been fine all day the day before, running and having a great time with her siblings.

The next day, one of my young silkie pullets, also about 5 months old was acting very lethargic. I put her under the heat light with her buddy and by the next day she was fine.

The next day another of the 5 months old easter eggers was acting lethargic. She just stood around, not socializing or playing. By the next day she was fine.

Today easter egger number 3, a cockerel, is sick. Again, he was fine yesterday. I have him confined under a heat light with food and water. When I looked in on him a few minutes ago, he was eating and drinking and acting a little better.

I took this video of him, it's only 30 seconds long. Could someone have a look and let me know what this looks like to you? I want to note that the previous sick chickens didn't have this neck rolling move, they just stood around all day looking like they didn't feel good.


Also, I suspect that these chickens drank out of a fountain and who knows what was in that water. I've since drained the fountain. The full grown hens had been drinking from it also, but none of them got sick. I figure it's because they are bigger and were able to tolerate it better than the babies.
His initial pose is sick, like he feels nauseous or in pain. The head and neck movements later on could be either an animal with something stuck in his crop or throat, trying to shift it, or a spasm like Marek's can cause although that's not typical Marek's spasming at all.

It looks like he has something stuck somewhere in his throat or crop, possibly partially protruding from his crop into his throat. What does his crop feel like?
He was better by this afternoon. . .had the 4th of the five easter eggers ill later in the morning. I really thought she would be gone by the time I got home from the airport this afternoon, she look and acted horribly sick. I gave plain yogurt, thinking maybe the cultures would help them feel better. She was looking much better when I got home. The cockerel was back to his normal self, running and playing and eating. The 4th girl is much better and hoping she will be back to normal tomorrow.

Weird illness, like a 24 hour bug. I hope that's the end of it.
I would give them all a course of Corrid or Sulfadimethoxine. for Coccidiosis. Make sure their food is good, and look around for anything bad they might want to eat.
That's a good idea. I will pick some up today, I think TSC has it. My 4th girl who was the last to be sick is still not 100% today, but she is out and about with the others.

I also read the article and watched the video. Not exactly what's happening here, but I guess it can't hurt to give them the Corrid.
Corid is not hard on them at all. When chickens get sick it can be many things, so you have to look at each system to figure it out. Look at crop, poop, eating/drinking, eyes, nose, if they are standing, lying down, or puffing up. Check for mites/lice and egg binding if mature. Here is information off the Corid website:
How CORID works
Structurally, CORID mimics thiamin (Vitamin B1) which is required by coccidia for normal growth and reproduction. When coccidia ingest CORID, they experience thiamin deficiency and starve from malnutrition. CORID has been experimentally administered at many times the recommended dosage and duration with no signs of toxicity.
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Corrid is great and I use it too. I like sulfadimethoxine because it also treats enteritis, and has some antibiotic properties. So I feel I get more bang for the buck.

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