$300+ for 1 silkie!

Is that puffy chest thing a good thing???
I know nothing about silkies but she sure is pretty
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momma's chickens :

That chicken is beautiful!
:DPlease excuse my ignorance (sp) but how can that poor chicken see?

LOL that one probably can't very well. But as ong as she's in with kind birds she shouldn't get picked on. I wouldn't throw her out into a paddock with big chickens that don't have a poof ball covering her eyes, though!

Our silkie probably can't see very well either. But she finds food and water just fine. And only some times needs help finding the ramp back into the coop at night! Hehe!​
She's gorgeous, but that's more than I paid for my first car!

I've seen the roos do the chest puffing thing, but not the females. Still gorgeous, though.

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