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    Aug 10, 2014
    [​IMG]. Hi All. This little fella has been pipped and unzipped for over 36 hours now. It's breathing but not doing anything to push out of the egg. It's the last one as it's on day 22 now, it is starting to look very dry (both chick and membrane). How can I help it? I know it's outlook is undoubtably bleak but I can't just stand around and watch if I can help in any way! Thanks :)
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    Aug 10, 2013

    if all the others have hatched search assisted hatching on this forum, read it and do what it recommends. It has been my experience that if a chick has made it this far but cannot get out there is usually a reason and it will need to be culled but you never know, it could just be stuck.
    good luck!!
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    Could you post a closer picture?

    He may have gotten glued in. I had one severely glued in my February hatch. He was malpositioned and then got glued because he was last to hatch and I already got the other babies out. When I opened the bator it made his fluid that they use to slide out get dried up. I had to rinse him under warm water to get him out. I also had to wash him with dawn dish soap to get all of the slime off but didn't wash his head. I didn't wanna get it in his nostrils. Then I blow dried him and put him in the bator to finish drying completely. He was a pretty weak the next day so I gave him electrolytes in a dropper at breakfast, lunch and dinner time.
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  4. If it was me after 36 hours I would be extracting the bird... I would take the egg in hand as well as a small cup of warm water and a q-tip... Using the q-tip I would soak down the membrane and then take a pair of tweezers and start ripping/pulling the membrane (and more of the eggs shell) away until the chick was free... Once out I would place back in the incubator to dry off and see where it goes from there...
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