3mth Roo - wobbly, issues walking/standing


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Jun 5, 2017
I hope someone might help. we adopted 4 babies someone hatched but didn't plan for. All 4 were doing well and then one of the babies, who I am fairly certain at this point is a Roo, started to have issued walking and standing. we had another hen we got off of a friend who acted "drunk" and we started giving her B supp daily and it got better until she decided to become broody and wasn't eating as much. We lost her :(

I am worried about this one as technically we are not allowed to keep roos in city limits and I know no one is going to want a "sick" chick. He is alert and seems to be eating but isn't putting weight really. we give him B vit with some other vitamins at night and he seems a bit better in the AM but by PM he is weaker. I am not sure if it is a vitamin deficiency of if he might have a neuro issue. I feed fermented grains we buy/mix ourselves. They get supplemental scraps and I started to add yogurt and raw eggs to just the kiddos' feed in the AM. They free range but only in evening as my girls were not sharing food with the babies.

He is the one doing this so I am at a lost for how to help him. I plan on keeping him as long as I can to try to get him healthy.


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You might want to research Mareks disease, although there could be some other explanation for the 2 ill birds. It can affect younger birds usually, but older chickens can get it if a new flock unvaccinated member brings it into the flock. Is he showing signs of weakness in either leg or wings? Do his eyes appear normal in color with round pupils? Mareks is best diagnosed after death with a necropsy by the state vet, if you should lose him. Rehoming him now would be out of the question since Mareks can be spread to other flocks. It might help to give him vitamin E 400 IU daily in a softgel for humans, as well as 1/4 tablet daily of crushed B complex for at least 2 weeks to see if it helps. Here is a good article about Mareks disease:

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