3rd chick


Jul 17, 2021
Blackpool, Northwest UK
My 3rd chick ever, just hatched. Still as enthralled as the first time.

This one hadn't fully absorbed the yolk, but the cord ended up dry as a bone, brittle, really really thin so I took a chance on cutting it. No blood thankfully.

All seems to have worked out - cheeping like a good'un. Don't know where it's come from but I've taken to calling it "Baby Weet Weet"

Overnight stay in the makeshift brooder with a heatlamp & a cat's electric blanket, then back under mum.

Managed to weed out 4 bad eggs from the clutch using candling tips largely from here with no false positives, thanks for the info guys. Cracked them all right by the sink outflow, under a full bowl of outflowing water. 2 were completely empty, 2 were full of crud & the gas that bubbled up weren't great smelling.

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