3rd chicken to drop dead :(


7 Years
Dec 13, 2016
Boyd, Wisconsin
My Coop
My Coop
I am just heart broken. I lost ruby. My splash orphington. She has got me through so many hard times in my life. I saved her from a crummy farm that wasn’t treating their babies good. She was a loner. So she slept with me while she was a baby through the winter and for years she just was there for me and so sweet. Through all my surgeries.. I’m just sad. But this is the third bird. And I’ve had chickens my whole life and clean my coop real good. All the things a good owner should do. No mites no fleas never had issues like this. I lost Leon my Liege fighter. He was so sweet and very young. 10 months. I also lost speck my jubilee orpington. Completely healthy one min and boom gone the next morning. All three in the same spot. Like they just fall off the perch. I just feel like cryin.. embarrassing to admit. Anyone else dealing with this? During this new bird flu thing I kept my birds in till migration was over..
It could be Coccidiosis. Did they ever have blood in their poop? I know It's sad :hugs but are you going to get more?
No, they didn’t have that. I vaccinate usually. Once I get back on my feet, I just started working again… I’ll order some more. I spend so much time with my birds that they are just mega tame. They garden with me, I walk by the within inches and they don’t move. They are so great.

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