3rd time is a charm


10 Years
Apr 8, 2012
Bogota, Col
i am trying the third "test" run for my home made incubator. The 1st run i had humidity problems (could not keep it high enough), and hatched 1 of 12. 2nd run i had a power outage on day 18, and the temp dropped to 85, hatched 0 for 24. hopefully the 3rd will be more successful.

the brains of the operation is a hotwater thermo. the heat source is 3, 70 w light bulbs. the egg turner is a string that is tied to pvc trays. the string penetrates the top, and attaches to a hook. it should be able to hold ~150 eggs.

Nice set up! I love the t.v.! good luck with your hatch

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