3rd try worked!


In the Brooder
6 Years
Mar 8, 2013
After 2 unsuccessful attempts with ebay ordered eggs and equipment failure both times, I had a good hatch, at least to me. First try my "trusty" digital thermometer was low by about 5 degrees @ 99 degrees even though it passed the ice test. 2ND try my new digital thermostat failed @ day 19. Actually melted part of it and I was nowhere close to its watts capacity. I had ordered a Hong Kong cheapie thermostat to use in the brooder, so I hooked it up to the bator and got it set. Picked up some local barnyard mutt eggs @ 1.50 dozen. Culled 2 at day 12, 2 more were iffy so I left them in. All but 4 hatched between 12.30AM and 7:30 pm on day 21. 2 more had peeped and quit, 24 hours later I helped one get out, very dry and glued in, still alive and mobile now, just weak and small. The other must have drowned from looking at it. So 18 out of 22 knowing 2 were iffy is OK to me.


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