3week old bantams with no feathers?


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I have five bantams from TSC (started with six and lost one the first night) they are all growing and active and such fun cute little birds!!! Four of them are almost fully feathered out now and flying so much that we had to create a 'screen' lid for their warmer tote. #5 has just the absolute briefest of feathers on her wing tips but is otherwise still covered in the baby fuzz. Is this normal? Could she never get feathers? They were all four-day old chicks when we bought them and little Miss has definitely gotten bigger and she eats and drinks and cheeps like all the rest but no feathers.

Pic #1 and 2 are Miss Velvet (with no feathers) and Pic #3 & 4 are Miss Cotton (fully feathered like the others)

Do I need to be concerned? Is Miss Velvet just a different less feathered breed? We have no clue as to why type of birds they are --- only that they are bantams. Not even sure that our Misses are Misses. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Miss Velvet is a Light Brahma, chicks of this breed tend to feather slower than most. :) Your other white chick is also a White cochin. Both don't appear to be roosters, but they are still too young to be properly sexed. Could you get a clear closeup picture of Miss Velvet's comb though?
What part is the comb?

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Okay. Now I feel dumb. LOL
None of my birds have combs that I can get in a picture. They are there but still really small and the same color as their beaks (is that what they're called).

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