4/27/13 Poultry Swap in Canby, Oregon - Reviews?


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We were so happy to attend our first poultry swap yesterday in Canby! I would love to know who organizes this event and how it is accomplished, it was truly a joy to attend. After only two hours we walked away with 3 gorgeous new birds, tons of jam, honey, artwork and more! We are somewhat new to this wiorld but I would love to possibly get involved with the next swap or see about establishing such an event nearer to Central Oregon!

Just wanted to give kudos to everyone who was involved, we saw so many beautiful animals, friendly faces, and creative works of art, we will most certainly be back!

I would be interested in hearing comments from anyone who was able to attend this year or in the past, especially anyone who participated as a vendor!

Would also love to get back in touch with any of the folks who brought their Muscovies as we now regret not taking an opportunity to bring home some ducklings.

Thanks again to all who were involved and anyone who can share any opinions or information about this neat event!
It really was great to see so much variety of poultry at the swap. I loved all the adorable little ducklings! Didn't come home with any though, maybe next time if I get a pen set up for them. I sure wish we had a poultry exchange for eastern Oregon, my mom and I drove over all the way from Bend! It was great fun, we were on a treasure hunt to find the best hatching eggs. I filled up my 'bator with the rarest eggs I could find, but I'm most proud of my score on Crested Cream Legbars and Blue Barnevelders eggs, can't wait for them to hatch!
We had to drive from Bend, too! It would be great to have a swap around here!! I wonder if there would be enough interest to try to start one...

Awesome that you found eggs, hatching is even more fun than bringing them home! Let us know how the hatch goes!


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