HOLD THE PRESSES: Duane Urch is Done?!/Future of American Purebred Poultry


11 Years
Jan 10, 2009
NW Indiana
I absolutely agree that a source like this can be an excellent stockpile of genetic material. We also need to remember that Duane ran a HATCHERY, and while he may have selected a bit more carefully towards the standard, his breeding flocks would have been very similar to what we see in the Cackle flock videos. He wasn't exactly doing pairs and trios and toe punching, etc.

I've always appreciated Cackle's birds in every breed I've got and I'm thankful they're there and maintaining flocks of a number of rare breeds for those of us that want to try our hand at them.
Duane Urch was very close to pairs and trios in many breeds toward the end. Remember how many breeds and varieties he (70-80 years old) and his son in law (50s -60s) were caring for and selling. Not just large fowl, but geese, turkeys, bantams. This was not a large commercial hatchery.
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