4.5 week Gold Laced Wyandotte- M/F?


7 Years
May 25, 2012
We hatched a bunch of chicks back in March, some for us and some for friends. This is our only Gold Laced Wyandotte that hatched. Beautiful chick but we need to know if she is a girl or boy because we are keeping all the boys and giving away the hens for friends to have as backyard egg layers. They are headed to their new homes in a week if I need to repost then, but we would love to hear your opinions.

Those hackles have me thinking boy. But I am not at all familiar with this breed.

This last pic is a comparison of the Gold Laced with our very special Reverse colored Silver Laced (Hatched out opposite coloring of the other silver laced chicks.) We are pretty sure by comparison that the Silver Laced is a girl if that helps. We just don't have any other Gold laced ones to compare it too.
Momma......He's a feisty looking cute little cockrel...99% certain...Maybe some Wyandotte breeder would know for sure>>>
Not sure on that one, but I'm leaning towards cockerel as well. My SLW girls had combs and wattles even at that young age, especially the hatchery quality ones, but they were not as red and were much smaller...

Here's a pullet at 4.5 weeks--notice the smaller comb and wattles than your chick.

Maybe a Wyandotte pro will chime in? I would really hate to cook this one instead of giving it to our friends! (or just keeping it for ourselves since my kids really like it!) Anyone one else want to chime in.

HeartMoss and Bill, thank you!!! But I kinda hope your wrong! ;)
Well it's just a bunch of pictures of one chickens. Seems to be a Male then. What age is good to make sure? Haha other than when it crows... Like I said we are new to wyandottes.
They are hard to tell sometimes-just experience with them...but even then, sometimes they throw you a curve

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