4.5 weeks ok to sleep outside?


Apr 3, 2015
Claxton, Ga
My coop isn't finished so they are still in the dog crate turned brooder and spend the days outside on my back porch would it be ok to let them stay out there overnight? I'm in South Georgia so it's definitely warm. So here is the crate on my porch and a pic of my girls (and boy) so you can see how feathered out they are.

I didn't post A good picture of the birds and that one is just too dark to see much! Sorry about that so here is Rose posing for all to see. They are all the same age and basically feathered out the same.
They're usually featherd out by 7 weeks so you're a few weeks shy of them being fully feathered. I'd be concerned about the dips to the 50's and low 60's at night.

I have some that age and have just placed them in a grow-out brooder in my coop. No heat during the day but heat at night if it is supposed to dip into the 60's or lower.

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