4-5wk old Buff Orpington I think is a Rooster


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May 8, 2012
Hello, I got 3 Buff orpingtons a few wks ago and was told they were all suppose to be hens. I have included a photo below but I think one is a Rooster. I can't have a rooster where I live so am kinda bummed. I wanted to get feedback from here before I look for a new home for him. Little information about the one is question: Smaller than the other two, bigger pink comb, bright red waddles (the other two I can't even see theirs). He is a little more meaner than the other ones and likes to peck the others a lot. Also his tail feathers are not as big as the others, I actually thought his where just coming in later but they are definatly smaller. Any ideas on if this is a Rooster or just developing more than the other hens. This is my first flock of birds so I am still learning.He is really quick so I can try to get more photos later. Thanks.
That's what I was thinking, good to know from others to help confirm. Thankfully I have someone who wants a buff rooster. I really like their breed, Sad to have one go but still have my 3 RI Reds, & 2 BO chicks left. Thanks again for opinions!
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