4 chickens, 17 eggs in one week

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    So I had what I thought were five chickens but one started cock a doodling at 2:00 am so he was taken to a farm where he was wanted and I'm thrilled he wasn't killed. We got our first egg on Christmas Day, our first real egg. The day before we had two thin shelled and then one egg that was cracked. We now have 14 eggs in a week. Today is New Years Day and I just collected one egg when I put them in for the evening. Doesn't that seem like a lot of eggs in a week? I'm so new at this. Big breakfast planned for tomorrow. Any insight would be helpful.

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    What breed and how old?

    When I don't overdo it on the scratch, I get about 6 eggs a day (as low as 1, and as high as 8) from my 9 Buff Orpingtons, which hatched the 3rd week of April...... first egg the 28th of September ..... 17 eggs in 7 days is not a huge amount- 2.5ish/ day for 4 chickens....... wait until spring, when they really start going!
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    Nope, not too many...especially if you have production birds.
    With even just 2 birds laying you could be getting 14 eggs in a 7 day week.
    5 birds times 5 days equal 25 eggs.

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