4 day old duck going bald?


10 Years
Jun 12, 2009
Schuyler Lake
I have to duckies that I'm hoping are Cayugas. They hardly leave each other alone & peep loudly when I take one out of the brooder without the other. The larger, first hatched one has started to get a bald spot in a "v" shape about an inch above his tail.
When he hatched there was a spot on his back side that was a bit red and had what I can only describe as melted fuzz. It looked like nylon cord gets when you singe it with a lighter. He also had a wonkie spot on the back of his head, but he had a hard time getting out of his egg & I attributed it to that.
Now I'm concerned about him. Other than that he is acting fine. I had a chicken get the same thing a few months ago and she ended up dying unexpectedly.

Is this something I should be concerned about? I have blue-coat. Should I put some on him? It doesn't look red or sore or anything.
What you describe sounds like the feathers may have been above the skin rather than implanted in it. I saw this on a very weak late duckling that I had a while ago- I saw little bump things on it while it was still wet- and it made me things of some kind of insect lavae at first. Then I realised that I was seeing the folicle sitting on the skin. If the feathers were just sitting on the outside of the skin- they would have fallen off- which is why you can now see the bald spot.

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