4 Day Old Duckling Behavior Question

CK Chickadilly

11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
West Michigan
I have a couple of 4 day old little snowy mallards, 1 boy & 1 girl.

All of a sudden the little boy will just take of scooting really fast to the other side of the brooder. It's like a major ZOOM!
Sometimes the little girl (LuLu is her name) will do it too but not as servere.

Anyway, is that normal for them to do that? Is he just playing or what? It is pretty funny when he does it but he goes so fast he can't stop & slams into the other end of the brooder.

As I sit here watching I am thinking that maybe he is playing? I am new to duklings so any advice or knowledge would be helpful!

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So is this behavior like playing? He actually will sometimes go so fast he flips himself onto his back & then he flails to get back over. I have never had ducks so this is new to me.
I never realized that ducklings could be so silly! The little girl LuLu isn't to much of a clown yet. Do they act silly as adults too? OMG they are a riot!
As for my adult ducks, Janet was very serious and very much a duck-duck if you know what I mean. Jack is always trying to show how manly he is by puffing out his chest and strutting about all important-like. Chrissy is very shy and reserved, but quite smart. Lana is a complete clown. She is always chattering up a storm and she is always begging for treats. These are flock raised ducks. I am surprised at how different they all are and how much personality they all have.

Now these hand raised ducks, I can't imagine how goofy they will end up
We will have to keep comparing notes
Well the boy Dezi is quite the clown so far. I think LuLu is gonna be more quiet but time will tell
I can't wait to put them into the tub. What kind of treats do you feed ducks?
I just got an Indian Runner duckling and a Khaki Campbell duckling and the the little Indian Runner is a riot. He / She is always yelling until we come in there and then goes crazy all over the cage and then jsut collapsed and looks at us like that was hard work.

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