4 day old, sleepy chick, swelling in crop area


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May 21, 2009
North Carolina
Any help or ideas here appriciated:
4 day old, barred holland
pullet from I deal.
no injuries,
bedding is pine shavings.
chirped a lot last night. today at lunch (3 hours ago) found her sleeping under the light, all 15 others were up and spread out.
I thought maybe she went to sleep under the lamp and got to hot. Took her out of the box/brooder dropper of water/sugar.
She got up and moved around for a couple of hours. Just a little while ago gave her more drops with kids vitamin disolved.
Now I have found that she has swelling in the crop area.
She seems to want to be in the warmest place in the brooder.

I found this link, but it appears to never be resolved.


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Does the chick have some dried poo stuck to its backside? I had a week old chick that was asleep all the time and finally died. I found out to late that all I needed to do was pick that off and it would've been fine.

I also had a little one drown in one of those "chick" waterers that are supposed to keep chicks from drowning so I was told to add some rocks here and there to keep chicks from falling in or gives them something to help them get out.

Hope this helps, good luck with your little peep.
Just wanted to resolve this thread.
My little barred holland passed away that same night about 7 hours after I realized she was sick.
: (
Thanks for your reply kwj777. I do not believe it was pasty butt.
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