4 eggs, three chickens


6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
I am fairly new to rasing chickens and my girls started laying a little over a month ago. I have a question, how many of you have chickens who lay more than one egg a day? One of my three girls has given me two eggs in a day several times. Am I lucky or is this common?
It's not common, no. But it does happen. I used to have a hen that regularly gave me 2 eggs a day (a couple times a week). My suspicion is that, unlike most chickens who only have 1 active ovary, these 2-a-day hens probably have both active ovaries. My gal laid until she was almost 7, but of course by then it was about 3 eggs a week. I am however surprised that she'd be laying like this after only a month of laying. Make sure she's getting plenty of protein and calcium.
I do give them oyster shells and yougert and I've seen her woof down small tree frogs etc. (after a great game of keep-a-way) They free range over an acre of land almost every day. She seems to be quite a producer. Since her first egg she has given me at least one egg every day without fail! She is also a sweetheart! Very friendly and loves attention. Never knew I would get so attached to my chickens...lol.

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