4-H Poultry & Rabbit Swap/Sale Candor, NY 10/10/09


10 Years
Oct 4, 2009
Tioga County 4-H members will be hosting a Poultry, Rabbit & Cavy Swap / Sale on
October 10, 2009. This is during Candor's Fall Festival so there are lots of other fun events
There will be many breeds of rabbits, assorted chickens, ducks and even some sheep and goats
for sale. Guinea pigs, turkeys, peafowl, quail, etc. are also welcome.
This event is open to the public so bring what you have to sell. (Just found out from the 4-H office that
we will have to consider this a fundraiser...there will be a $1.00 charge for anyone selling. This will go
to the Animal Aholics 4-H Club. Thanks.)
16 Mill St. Candor, NY 13743

Call Debbie @ 607-659-3312 for details.
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