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10 Years
Nov 14, 2009
Kingman Arizona
I did 4-H through junior high and high school, and I think it would be really neat to get my nephew into it. He loves animals and is very science-minded. The first thing he wants when he visits is to milk the goats and gather eggs. I hate to admit it, but that kid milks faster than I do lol!

I am getting some chicks tomorrow, and would like to let him pick a couple that he could raise at my house and learn about as they grow. The fair here doesn't allow kids under 10 to show goats and sheep for some reason (even though they can show horses or pigs), so it will have to be a chicken or a turkey, whichever he prefers. He's too young for regular 4-H, being only 6, he would be in a separate division. I don't have any experience with what they do with kids this young...do they do animal projects and take their animal to the fair like older kids do? He can show a chicken in the open show at our fair, but I think it would be neat if he could get in an educational/social program as well. I can't seem to find any information on what the younger kids do, or any contact information for the local 4-H. I know we have one, they're just hard to find.
Our cloverbuds aren't allowed to take any animal project. They do more of a show & tell item of theirs and they are given a cloverbud medal. Check out your local extension office. They can point you to a 4-H club in your area. If he is able to show a chicken, I highly recommend him doing so. I is a great way to start. Any questions just ask.
Thanks for the links, that is helpful! I'm definitely going to let him choose a couple of birds to be 'his' and teach him myself about raising animals and gardening, if nothing else, and he can take his birds to the fair. Hahaha maybe I'll plant him some watermelons to grow and learn about too! I'll see what his mom thinks about me doing cloverbuds with him. I think he needs an extra-curricular activity since he's homeschooled and a little shy.
Our younger members in California can exhibit chickens at the fair, and compete in chicken showmanship. The chickens are shown with all the other juniors; the primary showmanship is separate from older members.

Good for you for getting him started. Whatever the rules are for your local area, the experience he gains now will help him when he's older.
State by state things are different concerning the Cloverbuds. In NY growing up, I had never heard of Cloverbuds and kids couldn't show animals until they were 10. Here in Minnesota it is different. Cloverbuds can start showing animals on completion of kindergarten with a parent/adult handling the animal, and they can show two different species (one of each). They get a green participation ribbon and $1 per entry. I think it is a nice deal for them to just warm up to it. Then in 3rd grade they have the option of either being a Cloverbud another year or being a regular member.

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