4 Large Buff Dewlap Toulouse Eggs

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    4 Large Buff Dewlap Toulouse Eggs for sale out of Bishop, California. My birds come from a mixture of Holderreads, Alison Grell, and Carey Monaghan's lines. These are young birds and have a lot of growing to do in the next couple of years. They all won awards at the PPBA show in Stockton and one goose has won Champion Goose at the tri-county against my highest quality pair of grey Toulouse.

    My birds are on a 1 acre pasture with a winding creek and a deep pond. They graze all day and are fed a mixture of All Flock and Laying Feed with oyster shell always available. The have a 8x10 shed to lay their eggs in that is clean and cool. The eggs are collected twice daily and are kept in a cool place. They are turned daily and kept moist.

    I have been shipping eggs and goslings for 3 years and from hundreds of shipped eggs have only had 3 goose eggs arrive broken, usually with obvious tampering or damage to the box. I wrap each egg individually in 1" bubble wrap, and then group them into 3's and bubble wrap them all together. They are placed in a box filled with foam peanuts and shipped 3-day or express. 3-day UPS shipping is ranging between $20-60 right now depending on where in the US you are.

    My old website has testimonials and older pictures http://napoleonwaterfowlfarm.webs.com/apps/testimonials/

    My new website has updated pictures

    Please contact me if you would like to order some eggs at [email protected] or (951) - 505 4276

    Thank you

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