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Mar 4, 2011
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last spring I bought 3 mallard ducklings and 1 pekin duckling, they all turned out to be males. should I get a few females to put with them or will they start fighting, they all get along now. if so, how many females should I get? thanks
I ended up with mostly males from ducklings I got last year.
They'll continue to get along UNTIL you add a female. They will gang up on a female and fight for her attention. I'd probably get twice as many hens and you have drakes. Ideally I'd downsize the number of drakes, though.
thats funny!!! so far mine all get along. they will be a year this april. I was hoping I had a couple of females but I didnt. is there a way to tell the sexes when they are a couple weeks old?
I totally feel your pain, I have 3 drakes and no ducks. I originally hatched out 6, but gave 3 to a friend because I didn't think I could care for that many ducks, and all those turned out female (and then died from a darn raccoon). You can sex them by looking at their vents, but I would find someone to show you how to do it so that you don't hurt them in determining it. Ducks other than muscovies can be voice sexed, but you have to wait a bit for their voices to come it.
sorry to hear about the females dying:( I had 7 hens and a rooster that I got last spring and a racoon got to them too, the next morning I only had 2 hens. I just got 6 more chicks a few days ago, hoping all are hens. I also got 2 more ducklings, mallards, hoping they are both female. how long have you had poultry? this is my second year

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