4 Male Rouen Ducks


6 Years
Feb 9, 2013
I bought 4 pet ducks at one week old. My hope was that I would have both male and female. Luck was not with me and I now know (from the green I'm starting to see on the head) that all 4 are males.

I really love my ducks and don't want to give any away, but the house I built was only for 4! And I don't know if I have the space to have 8 ducks.

What will happen if I don't get any females? Any advice or suggestions?
If you don't add females you should have a happy flock of quiet drakes. Females are not needed nor are males needed for a flock to be happy and live in harmony. In fact not have enough females to males would be a bad situation and you would need more than 4 females for that many drakes. Think more along the lines of a min of 3 ducks per drake.
Ditto to what NJ said. Did you want a mix so you would get some eggs, or to have ducklings, or both? If you want a mix and want no more than 4, you'd need to rehome 3 of the drakes and get 3 ducks that had been reliably sexed as female.
Great Info. Thanks. I don't want eggs. They are just backyard pets. One last question. I have guineas also. The drakes won't try and mate with my guineas will they? I've heard horror stories about chickens but did not know if they would try and mount a guinea.
I have no idea. I know many will try to mate with chickens, which can physically injure the hens, but I'm not at all sure about Guineas. I would guess the answer is yes, but I hope someone who has both will respond. I would be worried about something like that if the answer is yes, partly because of differening anatomy and partly because Guineas are much smaller than Rouens. Let's see what the others say.

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