4 month old chickens eating each other


6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
I have adult and 4 month old chickens. They are in seperate pens. The pens are 20 X 20. The adult chickens are pulling each others feathers out where the tail feathers meet their backbone, and below the tail feathers, They are looking really bad. The 4 month olds will draw blood at the same place and kill each other. And eat each other. I feed scratch, laying mash to the hens, garden greens and table scraps. It's not just one chicken it's all of them. Any suggestions?
We have Black Austerlorps( 4 mo olds pecking each other to death), RRI, and Buff Orpingtons. I don't feel its overcrowding. When I was researching chickens to decide what to get, these seemed to handle confinement ok.
My chickens have done this before and I think its boredom/overcrowding. I started letting them out more to scratch in the grass and gave them a flock block to peck at in the run. Solved the problem quick.
I'll try the scrambeled eggs. We 7 dusted the pens. Just found another of the 4 month olds dead. I'm about out of ideas. I can't turn them loose. Too many dogs in the neighborhood that would like fresh chicken for supper.

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