4 month old duck questions

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    hi everyone, I have 5 ducks I think 2-3 are males I haventt been so attentive because I was at college 4 1/2 hours away. I noticed that they sorta look like theyre fighting but its not the fighting ive ever noticed before. they look like they are just running into each other with their breast bone. I know that the fighting could escalate and I was wondering if I could put one of the males with my 2 female chickens would that be a possibility or am I just one of them people who think everyone will get along? also when these hatched I didnt have alot of time to like make an impression on them so theyre scared of me and I dont like it. is there a way that I can get them to trust me? please help thank you:)
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    [​IMG] You are seeing what I call Sumo wrestling among drakes, it's their way of establishing dominance which is totally natural, But under no circumstances put one of the drakes with your chickens, the drakes can and will try to mate with your hens and it will lead to internal injuries and death, ducks and chickens are not made to mate. why not just separate the 2 drakes and give each one some girls, or let them work out their difference s as long as neither are getting hurt. as far as getting them use to you and trusting you that can be accomplished by spending time with them, just being there quietly talking to them caring for them singing to them, when I sing my gander joins in. treats are a great way to earn trust there a list of ultimate duck treats in the stickies at the top of the duck thread. but mine love dried meal worms, whole corn[given moderately] and only in cold months, chopped veggies frozen English peas thawed, and the list goes on. try starting with laying a few treats down not to far away from where your standing or sitting, and gradually put them closer till you have them eating out of your hand honestly it will happen just take it slow.
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    They're about the right age to start "wrestling" and once they figure out each other's strengths, they will taper off. I feel a little bit of fighting is good for their hormones. As long as they're not being too rough or fighting for a long time, they should be OK. You might want to break it up if they're in the water, though, as one drake might drown the other.

    And, I agree, don't put them in with the chickens.
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