4 month old Easter Eggers.... boys or girls???


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Apr 8, 2008
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This is our 7 year old hen (ordered her in a group of day olds from Ideal 7 years ago. Love her dearly!) named Christmas, with 4 of her 5 "chicks" that she hatched out 4 months ago. She went broody over the summer so I purchased some fertilized Ameracauna/Easter Egger eggs for her. From pretty early on, i suspected they were 2 boys and 3 girls. But now I'm thinking one of the "girls" is a boy (the black one).
In the photo, I think the two on the left are pullets and the two on the left are roos. Thoughts?
I can take more pics if needed.
And here's the 5th baby.... I've known from the start that he is a boy. This is Ruben Valentino.....

Thanks in advance!!
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Better pics would help, but I'd bet the two on the right are cockerels and the two on the left are pullets.

Interestingly enough, Ruben looks like he's almost an actual Lavender something or other, maybe hatchery quality Lavender Ameraucana? Of course he could just be a funny colored EE, they're technically mutts so anything is possible. It could also just be camera angle that's making him look so pure colored.
Thanks for your input.
I purchased a dozen hatching eggs that were supposed to be Ameraucana. Obviously, I think they are a mixture of both. Unfortunately, thanks to a snake, half of the eggs didn't have a chance to hatch.
I tried getting more pictures but they wouldnt stay still
here's a couple more....


Hmm. Ironically EEs are essentially a multi-generational Ameraucana mutt, but something about them makes me think maybe they have some recent True Ameraucana thrown in.

Yep, looks like 3 cockerels and two pullets.

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