4 mos old hen lethargic unbalanced not eating


13 Years
Jul 27, 2009
I have a 4 mo old hen who was fine then last night did not put herself up with all the other chickens. It was dark, so of course she would allow me to pick her up and put her in the chic house. This morning she was laying on the ground on her side. I have seperated her. She feels light, she doesnt smell outwardly, but my hands did smell after holding her. She is puffed up and unbalanced. She will stand for a bit but Instead of laying down she will just fall on her face. She is not eating. I am figuring worms so I fixed a waterer full of wazine for the whole chicken house and force fed her some. Anybody have any ideas if it may be something else. havent seen any bloody poop in the chicken house for cocci. Are there any emergency worm treatments or additional things I could do? Ive been searching posts but none seem to cover all these symptoms.

So she is still alive, still puffed up and still unbalanced. But she smells really bad. She has pooped a lil on her feathers, mostly urea w/ a lil brown. Guess Im gonna feed her by syringe maybe baby pigeon formula or a yogurt, scrambled egg blend made with the wazine water I fixed. I brought her inside to keep her warm. Anyone have any ideas what else it could be?
Hmmmmmm, well, got no replies. My chicken seemed pretty perky, then died while I was hand feeding her. Guess it was the stress. Still would like to know if anyone has any ideas. The rest of the flock seems fine but would like to prevent it if anyone seems to think anything else other than worms.

Thank you in advance.
We hav a pullet doing the same thing, she looks like she is drunk but she is eating although she is very skinny. This has been going on for a week.
She did not have lice or mites I checked. She had no meat on her breast bone, but she looked completely normal. Only once you felt her could you tell. I have seen no worms in the poop. She was fine Sunday am. I began treating for worms yesterday morning. Guess I'll go feel everyone out, see if I can find anything else. Thank you for replying.
I checked the poop of others no worms, but they are ravenous little birds! There is alot of seed and mushed pellet in their poop, almost like it isnt being digested, anyone know what that may indicate?
There is alot of seed and mushed pellet in their poop, almost like it isnt being digested, anyone know what that may indicate?

Worms, if they block the guts up they irritate them and prevent them from doing their job properly. Might be some other digestive pathologies that hamper digestion but worms would be my guess.
So sorry for your loss. When you say you see the food in the poop looks like it hasn't been digested. Do you offer grit for them at all? If they are getting other foods besides there chicken food they need some grit to help grind it up.

I would definitely worm everybody else to be on the safe side and rule that out.

Good Luck

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