4 mth old oldenglish game hen


5 Years
Feb 5, 2014
I got this chicks when I ordered some other breeds they messed up on her she's very friendly I just don't have room for her in my flock she's free pick up only in houma la
that's a pic of her if I can't rehome her on her I'll bring her to a tractor supply n give her away there
that's how I got these girls. Said yes without hesitation and now they are 2 of my favs. So much so, I'm hunting them a Roo! Good luck. I'd get her tonight if I lived closer! Mine avoid the layer hens and their pellets and go straight for the tall grass and bugs. That's usually the last I see them till roosting time.
I would let her free range in my yard but I can't do that anymore I have a coyote problem I lost a few extra rooster n 2 turkeys
I had one come in close 2 nights ago. Felt like I could hear it chomping its jaws when it howled. I grabbed the gun and went running and growling into the woods towards it hoping I sounded bigger lol. Sat up late last night but didn't hear it but not convinced it won't be back. Haven't seen any during the day in a while but I just recently got back into small time farming so that may change as well and my large dog passed away this spring soooo.....
I have 2 large outside dogs they still come even a electric fence they went throw my fence to get the turkeys

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