4 posts ... 6 holes... Arg!


6 Years
Feb 9, 2013
little farm, Saskatchewan
I apparently suck at measuring... I wanted to build my coop on 4 posts sunk into the ground but oh my goodness... I cannot get the thing square! He second hole I dug was about 8" too far from the first, so I had to redo that and my last hole is almost a foot to close so I have to dig another one tomorrow. Darn this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
DH has decided to help... Er... Take over.... I guess I'll have to buy him the RIR hens he wants :)
Measure twice, dig once!

Use stakes and twine to plot out the four corners / sides, and then measure the distance diagonally making an X in the square. You know your perimeter is square when the strings making the X are exactly the same length.

Post pictures so we can see the progress!

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